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RISECO's Online English Classes - Details



REVISED FEE (As on 16th April 2021)

Rs.3000/- (per month)
Rs.8000/- (lump-sum)


The Professional English Proficiency Certification (PEPC) addresses the English speaking and writing requirements of students and learners from the vernacular background (regional language medium). We follow the Communicative Language Teaching Methodology (CLT) as it suits the English learning needs of professionals and Graduates. 

You may be a student, a professional, an employee or owner of a business, speaking and writing in English are definitely part of your daily life. Those of you, who didn't have the privilege to study in English medium schools may find it difficult when the situation demands to speak or write in English.

PEPC makes you proficient in English speaking and writing, thereby helps you to perform your roles and responsibilities that go with your job, and endears yourself to the people around you.

PEPC offers a very convenient learning platform which is completely based on elearning methods. As the program is completely online, you can pursue the program at your own pace, time and place of choice. Only thing, you should know how to use a computer and should have knowledge of the Internet.

Essentials: You should have a Computer, Internet, MS Office, PDF Reader, Gmail, VSee / Meet.Goolge and Headphone with mike.

Program Delivery: Every week the trainer and learner need to complete two modules - The trainer discusses on the Module. Following which, the learner has to read the module, and watch/listen to audio-visual and complete the assignments. Assignments need to be submitted in the Discussion Forum only. 

Division of class timing: Total 40 minutes
First 10 Minutes - News presentation (Every Sunday, you have to present two news items)
Next 10 Minutes - Reading a story and narrate in your own words
Next 20 Minutes - Lecture on the Module(s)



Venue: Online classes. India & Anywhere.
Modules: 22 (Introduction, Basics of English, Parts of Speech, Basic Words, Paragraph, Conversations, Pronunciation, Description, Narration, Group Discussion)
Materials: Access to LMS, Dashboard and Discussion Forum
Program Delivery: Learners are provided access to the 22 Modules (MS Word Format), which are also available as vibrant Audio-Visuals. Trainer-Learner discussion happens every Sunday via VSee or Meet.Google (web conference platform)
Duration: 12 weeks (1 class per week)
Activities: News presentation, Reading Comprehension, Assignments
Assignments: Submit Assignments at the Discussion Forum only
FEE: Rs.3000/- per month or Rs.8000/- lump-sum
Mode of payment: Net Banking or Cash Deposit only
Pre-requisites: Computer and Internet


(Established in July 1997)

Screening Test

Online Spoken English Classes

I.                 Fill in the blanks


a.      What can I ______________________ for you?
b.      When is the _________________ bus to Mumbai?
c.      Where are you _________________________?
d.      Why are you _____________________ today?
e.      Who is that ____________________?
f.       How can I ______________ you?
g.      Is she your ________________?
h.      Are you ____________________ at school?
i.       Was she your _________________________?
j.       Were you ___________________ going to the school, daily?
k.      Am I to _______________ you?
l.       Have you _____________ your homework?
m.    Do you like to see my ___________________?
n.      Did you _________________ the temple before?


a.      He is my ______________________.
b.      Peter had two ____________________.
c.      The boss requested me to _________________ the files.
d.      We are _________________ forever.
e.      I have _____________ the work.
f.       Love gives ________________ it cannot be bought.
g.      He can speak well in _________________.
h.      Knowledge is __________________.
i.       I have two ________________ to take care.
j.       My father ___________________ at a school.
k.      I can drive a car, but I cannot ride a ____________________.
l.       Winning is one thing, and __________________ it is another thing.
m.    We are __________________ friends.
n.      Ronnie and John are true ________________________.
o.     The selfish live for themselves the generous live for ________________.

Note: Copy the Screening Test and paste it into MS Word. Complete the Test and mail it to


1. PEPC is a synchronous and asynchronous e-learning program. Classes are held online, and discussion happens at the Discussion Forum or Email or WhatsApp
2. Fee is non-refundable
3. Screening Test is mandatory for admission into PEPC program.
4. If your performance in the Screening Test is below average, you may be denied admission into PEPC program. However, you will be provided guidance/inputs on improving your English to an expected level. The period of time given for improving your English may not be more than 12 weeks.
5. Only those who clear the Screening Test and promptly pay the fee are provided ID and PW to access the LMS (22 modules),
6. The Audio-visuals of all the 22 modules are shared with all learners.
7. Classes will not be repeated. Doubts clarification sessions/discussion is held on Sunday
8. Course Completion Certificate is will be provided on RISECO's letterhead only
9. Course timing and date may be changed by the trainer at any point of time
10. Every month, only one-week leave is allowed for each learner
10. The final discretion in any matter concerning PEPC is with the course trainer only

MA English, PGDTE (EFLU)
English Trainer @ RISECO

RISECO (RAMESH INSTITUTE of Spoken English and Content Writing) is a registered MSME business. RISECO offers enrichment programs in English Proficiency, Soft Skills, Content Writing and E-Learning. Mr Sanjay Nannaparaju is the Director & Content Specialist at RISECO. He has 20+ years of experience in teaching, training, content, media and branding. He has worked with more than 12 companies (GLOBARENA, ICFAI, SATYAM, YASHODA, MAXCURE, PRAGATI) at different levels. His qualifications: MA English Literature (AU), PG Dip in Linguistics (AU) PG Dip in Adult Ed & Development (AU), PGDTE (EFLU) and PGDEL (IGNOU). Sanjay is the top scorer/ranker in the Post Graduate Diploma in E-Learning 2012 Batch of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. He is the author of the book "Professional Content Writer Certification."

* RISECO's Course Certifications are validated, approved and accepted by employers and academic institutions across India.